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"Smart" infinite future clothing

One thousand years, the function and value of the clothing is not two main categories, namely, practical and beautiful sex. However, advances in science and technology will give clothing more attributes. In the near future, you open the wardrobe, there is a can play music coat sportswear, can measure the pulse and blood pressure, with the function of warm socks, and even have a pair of gloves can recognize your mood. This is not a fable, "smart clothes" has already started to come into our lives.

On the streets of the traffic, cycling and the use of mobile phones is very dangerous thing, then put on a smart jacket, please. Rider don't have to take out a cellular phone, just lightly touch the jacket sleeves, or press, the fiber surface friction jacket, you can answer the phone, the navigation information, enjoy the music. It is said that in addition to the rider, this smart jacket can be used for different professions, such as security, window cleaners, pilot, etc. Moreover, it is not far from us, the spring will be sold publicly.

The smart one of the manufacturers of reeves said, jackets this wearable devices should not have ugly wires, cuffs with multi-touch sensor area "thin, flexible and elastic, and normal clothes, there is no obvious difference between and can be washed," laundry, you can just take off the part of the ". "The part of" refers to a portable electronic tag, it connects the LED components, touch components, batteries and sensors that can be removed at any time and recharge the battery.

Similarly. Nike is developing a automatically tie his shoes sneakers. Its principle and steps are roughly: shoelace hole installed on both sides of this kind of shoes a row of small motor, motor with the soles of the sensor, through the battery power supply. Sensors record shoes master key data such as weight, feet and body center of gravity, then, based on the data sent back sensor, motor will be "like fishing rods around the spool will shoelaces around tightly, so as to achieve the effect of the automatic lacing". Industry experts point out that, according to the ideas of Nike can also extend the scope and categories of product development. Theoretically, as long as you can put the sensor, the battery and power plant is done appropriately, can be successfully applied on the clothes, make clothes have the function of the unexpected effect.

When the "smart" met "clothing", rub out all kinds of spark. The British media also reported that scientists are further strengthen the research on high-tech clothing, make clothing with multiple functions in the future. Can provide power for mobile devices such as, for example, the "charge", can real time record master movement data and give feedback and guidance of intelligent tights, can according to user's willingness to change clothes bright contrast "dimmer pack", as long as you wear in the body can know how much the body measurements and fat "body with", can real-time monitor the baby breathing, heart rate, body temperature, posture and activity of "smart baby romper suit", and can form the refraction projection to blend perfectly with the surrounding scenery of "quantum cloak", etc., to name but a few... Scientists predict that the future of garments, even can have move with the host's joys and sorrows as well as the environment of some special functions.

Artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, such as depth fusion, is a period in the future the important trend of information technology, information exchange and sharing between them will make smart clothing has a strong technical backing, and data support. And derivatives in which new technology will bring the rapid development of smart clothing great power. No exaggeration to say that the modern information technology have radiation to the traditional garment industry, the future evolution of the rhythm and diversified increment will be beyond people's imagination.