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Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games of inventory each big sports high-tech clothing brand

According to the British \"daily mail\" reported on August 2, in the Olympic Games in the competition, each second is all the more precious, at this point, the importance of sportswear cans be imagined. To greet the arrival of the summer Olympic Games in Rio DE janeiro, each big sportswear brand, using high-tech technology for athletes of the Olympic Games.

Nike for Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games using 3 d printing technology in garment design the silicone mini bumps, to reduce the wind resistance, effectively improve the speed of the athletes; Adidas is used body scanner for the status of the swimmer; Swiss clothing brand athos (Assos) using the theory of wind tunnel design suitable clothes for the American cyclist.

Along with the progress of the costume design and testing, the clothing is also in constant innovation, all the design of clothing apparel manufacturers, ensure smooth game can help athletes, and to avoid fraud. Adam? Clement Clement (Adam) is a sports brand Under Armour (hypoallergenic) creative designer, he said: \"we design of clothing to conform to the regulations, should undertake adjustment according to the regulations of the Olympic Games, we hope we can make the design of the Olympic Games to make a change, it is a kind of achievement\".

The importance of clothing design? For athletes, especially cycling, swimming and track and field athletes, the appropriate clothing to reduce air resistance. The bicycle sports association, vice chairman of Jim? Miller (Jim Miller) said: \"in the game 4 km, four seconds of the difference is the difference between the seventh and eighth place.\" Even sport can help athletes reduce resistance, but if we don't suitable material and design causes the discomfort of athletes, this design is meaningless. In addition to ensure that the speed of the athletes, clothing should also reduce the influence of irritating substances for athletes, such as air absorb sweat and temperature control function, the two functions will be held on 5 is particularly important on the summer Olympic Games in Rio DE janeiro, Brazil.

To avoid in the design of what problem? Itself clothes won't enhance decades of training, coaching and good physiological function, but if the clothes don't fit, it may all destroyed. As the American marathon runner desi red? Linden (Desiree Linden) in an interview, said: \"magic magic shoes won't give you, but if I trained hard so that the foot long blisters don't wear a pair of comfortable shoes, the game also doesn't make sense.\"

How to design the clothing itself? American sports athletes linden brand Brooks invited to participate in the running shoes design, the company said, the shoes on the high performance in addition to the yarn braided suture, in order to avoid wear shoes on feet, and at the bottom of the rubber ring also provide traction for athletes running, increase the speed of movement. The shoes in June this year began to sell. Under armour rugby team of Canada and Switzerland, the Netherlands beach volleyball team clothes, the national aeronautics and space technology in hypothermia for athletes. Nike to reduce air resistance convex point design will be applied to about 20 in the track and field sports teams, including the United States, China, Brazil and Germany. The company also plans to apply the design to knee and wristbands.

How to grasp the boundaries between innovation and regulation? At the 2008 Olympics, speedo tracksuit design can improve the flexibility, reduce the air resistance, the suit to help Michael? Michael Phelps (Michael Phelps) and other athletes won the gold medal in the 2008 Olympic Games, to break the record. Since then, the whole body suit is banned. Although clothing not in violation of the provisions of the Olympic Games, but clothing manufacturers still keep innovation, Nike's designer Michael? Miller (Michelle Miller) said: \"I like the most in the design process is how to design better clothing\". Adidas Adizero series XVI, sportswear for British athletes increased the elastic design, to keep the body streamlined, reduce water resistance when you swim. This design is according to the regulations of the Olympic Games, the improved results.

How to test the clothing performance in the experiment? Athos company's former chief expert omar? Wen Senting (Omar Visentin) said, clothing manufacturers now have a more scientific way to test the clothing material and their way of cutting. The fashion institute of technology, ah jiao yi? Professor he (Ajoy Sarkar) also said that some companies are even less based on the prototype, and through the computer models to design clothing. New balance is to adopt new 3 d technology test shoes structure in place to ensure that athletes speed boost. Nike also use 3 d printing technology and the principle of wind tunnel to reduce the air resistance, the technique was used only in the 2012 Olympic Games. According to miller said, using the 3-d model can help the technology applied in the Olympic Games in a long distance. Adidas Adizero MD spikes basically solve the problem of curve medium-range race, the company tested that this pair of shoes can make the athletes don't slow down while in the race.

Although on July 29, the U.S. national team at the opening ceremony uniforms were laughed at, but the international clothing brand Ralph? Lauren (Ralph Lauren), says the clothing is a combination of the cutting technology and the development of wearable technology in silicon valley.