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\"Made in asean\" gradually took over the \"made in China\"

Benefit from cheaper labor costs, land and resources, "made the association of south-east Asian nations (asean)" may be gradually take over the "made in China" used to have market dominance.

Japanese media reported recently, Japanese companies for the countries of asean investment has three years in a row over investment in China. This data is not a surprise, it was three years ago, the asean countries to absorb foreign direct investment (FDI) has totaled more than China.

More intuitive than data, at the beginning of this year for Nike, prada foundry dongguan hing the shoe has suspended, and transferring capacity to southeast Asian countries. South Korea's samsung also announced this year two hundred million smartphones production orders to Vietnam.

The cause of the southeast of China's manufacturing industry "flies" is not difficult to explain. Issued by the China electronic information industry federation "2016 blue book" electronic information industry development, according to current Chinese labor costs are significantly higher than other developing countries - in 2015, Chinese workers salary is as high as $325.6, compared with a Vietnamese workers, on average, just $149.9 a month. In addition, financing, logistics, electricity, oil and other elements of rising costs also cannot be ignored.

"In certain fields such as machinery manufacturing, textile, traditional relationship between China and asean is real capacity competition." 2, by China's economic and social council, the Chinese people's political consultative conference committee sponsored by the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, 2016 china-asean cooperation capacity top BBS held in nanning, executive director of zhejiang university of technology institute of politics and public administration Chen Yantai accept China news agency reporters during the BBS.

Besides "melee" in the international market, the "made in China" and "made the association of south-east Asian nations (asean)" competition could also spread to the capacity of cooperation.

The personage inside course of study, according to some asean countries are no longer satisfied with only introduce capacity from China, but tend to be the introduction of talent and technology of China, will work capacity into "made the association of south-east Asian nations (asean)" "upgrade tool".

But for China, falling in the manufacturing sector to absorb foreign investment proportion, constantly moving outward under the background of manufacturing enterprises, encourage enterprises to overseas factories will fuel industry hollowing out of certain areas, and with the help of cost advantages, the "made in China" on the market caused the "crowding out".

But industrial hollowing out may be led to a decline in rising unemployment and economic growth, after all, has not yet completed the structure transformation, the economic development of China manufacturing industry is still the main kinetic energy.

To solve this problem, the "double upgrade" became a necessary path.

One is to promote the transformation and upgrading of made in China. In China's official top-level design, promote the international cooperation with the domestic industry transformation and upgrading of the benign interaction, is clear as one of the principle of international cooperation capacity. Chen Yantai said that under the regulatory mechanism of the market, local governments tend to leave a high-end industries, and encourage overcapacity of 12 the traditional industry, that in itself can be reversed transmission area of industrial upgrading.

Official in "made in China clearly put forward in the 2025 | strategy, to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, and in response to the development of new technology revolution to achieve high-end span development. This will be the key to avoid industrial hollowing out capacity cooperation in action.

Second is to promote the upgrading of China and asean cooperation mechanism. Chen Yantai think, change between China and asean simple complementary goods trade structure, promote intra-industry division of division of labor and more refined products, will help to avoid vicious competition.

Most Chinese experts still believe that cooperation between China and asean benefits greater than the competition. Original, dean of the graduate school of Chinese academy of social sciences Liu Yingqiu said that China is facing production resources, rising labor costs and other issues, and exist in the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) countries have their respective market narrow, underemployment, weak infrastructure, strengthen the complementary cooperation, abandon the zero-sum game conforms to the interests of both sides.

Liu Yingqiu thinks, "to promote China and asean countries the interaction between factors of production and production capacity, can not only local awareness of the economic resources of" sleeping ", explore all kinds of market, but also help to faster, lower cost, higher quality, realize the mutual benefit between China and asean countries, this is the capacity of cooperation a lot of sense ".