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Multiple Internet clothing brands seek listing inventory pressure, such risks

More recently started with "open online" clothing brand, are popular ipos and seek capital markets. Who will become the "first wave", in this field is still inconclusive. But look from companies to disclose information, inventory pressure is still need to face a problem.

Multiple Internet clothing brand for listing

After Korea clothing shed out listed on the new three board "to" news, since late June, HuiMei (brands have a bitter man, early language) and la are submitted to the CSRC the IPO application, now started with "open online" and a number of Internet brand is seeking land capital market.

On July 13 in the SFC website query to HuiMei, la listed on the gem ipo and prospectus. Among them, the HuiMei is expected to issue shares not more than 80 million shares, accounting for issuance of not less than 25%, the proportion of the total equity public offering shareholder does not involve sale shares; Rip is expected to issue 41 million shares, accounting for issuance of not less than 25%, the proportion of the total equity shareholders of a company sale shares not more than 10 million shares.

Started with the clothing brand for from taobao and other online platform is also known as the "tao" brand, at present electric business platform is still one of their main source of income. Rip in the prospectus pointed out that "in the taobao platform (including Tmall), Vipshop, jingdong mall and so on three big platform over the past three years revenues accounted for more than ninety percent of the company's main business income."

Citic construction investment adviser Sun Jiaxin analysis, Internet clothing brands vied for the sprint gem or new three board, there are mainly two aspects: one is the a-share market in this area is A "blank", each brand are expected to borrow by listed as "new star" on the capital market, rushed to produce similar express industry listed "star effect"; 2 it is currently in the domestic, the enterprise if it is not listed, the financing channels, after all, is limited. On the Internet the very "burn money" industry, a day earlier land capital market can gather the cash fruit as soon as possible.

At risk inventory pressure, etc

As Internet brand compete for capital operation, the parties of financial data and risk factors were revealed.

Rip, according to the business indicators published 2015 annual business income is 546 million yuan, compared with 2014 and 2013 of 579 million yuan, 688 million yuan is already a decline in the third year in a row, profits in 2014 also appeared a negative growth; HuiMei in 2013-2015 during the reporting period "after deducting non-recurring gains and losses attributable to the parent company owner's net profit" is 33.3073 million yuan, 31.9078 million yuan and 33.3073 million yuan respectively, also showed a trend of decline.

For reasons of shrinking performance, the above enterprises are given "new brands hatch rapid increase operating cost" and "uniqlo, ZARA and other international well-known brands to electricity distribution sales", such as different reasons. But there is a detail note, that is, each brand generally mentioned inventory risk. From disclosure of data calculation, rip and Korean clothing s stop as of late last year inventory to total assets ratio is more than thirty percent, HuiMei inventory for three consecutive years accounted for more than fifty percent of the total assets.

Market participants believe that the market competition fierce and slowing economic growth tends to weaken consumption ability was the cause of Internet women's clothing inventory. Garment industry have to beg new, fast at the same time, each big brand must be continuously expand the brand, which in turn affects stock circulation.

Beijing tzu chi up future Li Zhiqi consulting group chairman, 2000-2010 is the online high growth period, each electric business platform also gave birth to a lot of online stores and clothing brand. In order to further share and "bet" trend, big brands must by "mergers and acquisitions to create" the first way to expand the brand, "the inventory problem has always been in the clothing industry, even a quick turnover of Internet brand will be met."

Turned to open entity shop does not fall behind

Whether the Internet brand or traditional brands, inventory pressure in the clothing industry is still there. According to flush data monitoring, 32 home textile garment industry listed companies from 2011 to 2011 in five years, this inventory is rising year by year, the total stop as of late last year has reached 22.209 billion yuan.

Shaanxi classic send commercial property management co., LTD., said zhu Lin, chairman of clothing from design, production to the process of delivery will inevitably experience backlog, Internet brand compared with the traditional enterprise in circulation or have an advantage, but not cling on to a single channel and are easy to go into business dead end.

Xi 'an citizens liu yuan told reporters, although his many clothes is online, but there is time will go to the entity shop. She said: "some brands online with the same price, online shop and buy a huge difference, actually is the biggest benefit to go to the store to see material pledge and try it on."

The Internet clothing brands are already opened storefront in xi 'an. Zhu Lin, think, shopping, buy clothes to try on a spiritual consumption, only through the Internet is difficult to achieve. So while maintaining the share online, offline store is not out of style.