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Academician jian-yun yu: the innovation of the modern textile technology development

On July 6, 2016, sponsored by the China textile industry association 2016 annual meeting held in fujian shishi textile innovation. The Chinese academy of engineering jian-yun yu issued at the meeting of "modern textile technology innovation and development" theme speech. Content is as follows:

I am very pleased to attend China textile innovation in the textile city shishi annual meeting, have the opportunity to share with you some personal ideas for textile innovation. My topic is the innovation of textile science and technology development. Ready to speak three aspects of content: the first textile industry development strategy of science and technology. Second, the development of fiber materials science and technology innovation. Third, focus on innovation in the field of terminal application, increase effective supply problems.

First, the textile industry of science and technology development strategy. Here at 3 o 'clock, one is to grasp the inherent laws of development of textile industry, is innovation is closely connected with industry's development is the core of the link. Second, we should grasp the main trend of textile industry science and technology innovation. The third to grasp some key textile industry science and technology innovation.

Special textile industry innovation as a core, mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the development of textile industry is as a basic human life and material production departments, industry's position is very clear. At the same time, the textile industry is a time-varying characteristics, from weaving to synthetic textile machine made by high-tech textile industry up to now. Summary, we speak of textile is a basic industry, immutability, not a sunset industry. From microscopic, the operation of the enterprise technology innovation, application mode of innovation if you don't keep up with the changes of The Times, is the industry of the sunset. So I'd like to sum up the kernel is how innovation to promote our development.

Specific view, innovation in two ways, one is the demand side, the key to solve the major problems of this age, the foundation of one's the sustainable utilization of resources, the second is the environment sustainable development, the third is the human improve the quality of life and development activities. For textile industry with new contents. Time for such some effective demand can be the basis of effective preparation. Now technology innovation needs enough, given the technical support and supply base.

Second, grasp the trend of textile industry science and technology innovation. There are three problems: first, grasp the characteristics of the textile industry science and technology innovation. Our innovation is in the whole world, on the basis of science and technology revolution and industrial revolution, promote the innovation and development of the whole industry in the environment. In such an environment our innovation reflects on the technology and the emerging science and technology and the integration of textile manufacturing requirements. The technology of textile technology and processing process and new technology like the height of the cross agglutination. This is an important characteristic of innovation. Second, what do some innovation? Innovation starts from? I think the second is to grasp the theme of innovation, we how to implement effective innovation, which is divided into several groups, there are eight subject headings, I the first one is a new realm, we through the development of new technology, makes the performance of our products, make us processing technology level, make our efficiency, our cost control have reached a new level. The second is the high quality, diversity, development of more varieties, are we around the high-quality varieties we develop more efficient and low cost. This is our an effective way to promote the industry. Third, we apply green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, this is sustainable development problems, from our manufacturing process, raw materials used and so on all is the propulsion system, meet the requirement of green manufacturing in this we have a lot of room to grow. This is intelligent manufacturing, we speak this innovation is for manufacturing, mainly in three aspects, intelligent manufacture mainly solve efficiency, solve it's quality, solve he adapt to the needs of rapid response, this is a very important way. We also need to have quality, variety innovation to join the other legs. Fourth keywords based on consumers as the center, to the center of the customer, made the category of reflect consumer demand. At the same time our products into the pluralistic value, cultural elements such as enhancing our overall value.

Third, we should grasp the overall development of the industry trend of the whole innovation system we form a common thread. From raw materials to products, two support, high-end equipment and information technology, under our manufacturing system support. Around the node, these products have just said these innovation subject has, in our production material, for example, we from the processing mainly to solve the problems in the ecological efficiency, from the product, now we are focusing on solving two big performance, is a performance, a development from the breed.

In the field of our manufacturing process, we will achieve our yarn making, weaving, non woven, the overall technology to make the ascent of the whole, on the basis of the overall processing efficient, low consumption, green processing.

In terms of products, to improve quality, in the process of how to implement the ecological, this is our lower energy consumption, lower our resource consumption, less pollution, to achieve resource recovery. Fuel and fertilizer, green safety two big problems. This is a very large space, our innovation has infinite value. In the product in the world, multi-function China, manufacturing digital, intelligent, personalized and networked application form overall layout. In our raw materials, processing technology, especially in how to apply some application level systematic work to promote innovation.

Equipment technical field, our chemical fiber is mainly to fine, large capacity, spinning and weaving equipment to realize high speed, high quality, automation, China continuously. Dyeing and finishing equipment on ecological process, water saving, energy saving, environmental protection, equipment on how to improve the whole intelligent integrates light, in the field of our textile information, in the design and manufacture to integrated, modular, intelligent, to the whole process of international visual, namely into controllable, in the entire product marketing side, to the Internet of things, cloud computing a large intelligence system to improve the efficiency of our overall operation.

We think it's important to grasp the development of science and technology innovation focus of our overall, I think our strategic needs is embodied in five aspects: the first is a high-end, the second is a diversified, to adapt to consumer demand to diversification. Third, we are going to expand to a new high technology. The fourth allows us to conform to the requirements of the ecological development of industry. Fifth from the introduction of digestion and absorption of reform and opening-up enters a new stage, we are simply rely on imported technology this development mode is difficult to continue, we in several areas in the textile processing has reached the world advanced level, the next frontier technology we have independent innovation to further increase, so in this to exploit.

The general development domain, to grasp the key point, in the fiber is a new material to make breakthrough in key technologies of high performance fiber preparation and sex with, in textile processing and advanced technology mainly promote comprehensive technology on the yarn. In the field of ecological dyeing, but also in high quality, in ecological process in the chemical, in the whole chain, in the modern clothing we mainly in functional clothing, in the digital manufacturing in sustainable is the common technology of textile materials, in application fields the attention on the security front fully realize the expansion of the industrial chain, etc. In our equipment, our technology, numerical control technology and so on the key technology to improve. How to improve the intelligence in terms of information.

The second aspect, we pick a spot from textile full system innovation is the overall innovation of raw materials, we have five key trends: the first high-performance. High fiber has the advantage of light quality, high strength, high simulation, impact resistance, high temperature resistant special materials, in various fields, in high performance applications are widely used. We hold high performance fiber is actually formed three groups, we are a carbon fiber, carbon fiber, it should be said of its application is very extensive, but it is in the field of applications, there are two problems, the first is its brittleness, when you use the flexible material, its brittleness is hampering the second of its application is its performance.

The second direction is functional, this we also heavily used in product development, we must grasp the point, what is the source of the function of creative? Is our continuously the evolution of human life, and the evolution of our way of life constantly, we use from pure clothing function we must rise to the comfortable, further listed to care, protection in certain situations, further our way of life to sports leisure, the fast pace of life, we are going to pursue the maintenance function, and the expansion of life, such as biological applications, such as the provision of our adjuvant therapy, etc. At the same time, the realization of function fiber manufacturing method is diverse, this group has a copolymerization modification. Through its functionality so we have different monomer copolymerization.

The third blending modification technology. How can we through the theoretical basic research to realize the sustained development of biomass fiber. In this inside, such as native fiber is the use of genetic engineering, implements the genetic operation, the development of the silkworm silk. In the entire history of the biological engineering to achieve the original raw materials. Second is renewable, inside this fiber, fiber production technology, we make full use of existing resources of cellulose, including some of the characteristics of resources. Another is regenerated protein fiber, how to develop one hundred percent pure protein regeneration, we through to simulate the process of the silk layers of the organism protein fiber regeneration. Another is for biomass fiber, biomass has good characteristics, biological activity, such as sodium alginate radiation protection function. There is a will polyester fiber, how do we achieve biological is very important work in the future. Its biological from slowly biomass formation of polyester raw materials.

Fourth, is how to realize the reuse of biochemical. In fact we are to feed processing industry has made a contribution, our textile itself is a long way, solve the problem of physical quality, can't reuse problems many times, the cost is relatively high. Now there is another method is divided into physical method, we are part of the degradation, part as monomer, by embedding, through the link, for the development of functional regenerated fiber, it has a larger prospects in the future.

The fifth is the nanofibers. Nanofibers in environment, health and other aspects have very big application. The first is the nanometer fiber structure regulation, the flexible ceramic fiber. The second is the two-dimensional nano spider fiber. For another example, still can form a three-dimensional structure.

The third part, the textile product application of science and technology innovation. I look at the theme of the conference we have a lot of light textile city women's men's wear, sportswear, we will begin. I want to two key questions, fiber multivariate innovation and fiber material application. Our civil products, our articles for daily use, we are in the technological innovation path? Fiber has become a very important engineering materials, in the defense, aerospace, aviation is a very important application, especially the air as we know, our fiber materials has become the an important symbol of the levels of aircraft. We are in the field of energy, wind power, especially in our batteries, the original consumer batteries of electric cars and now most of the power batteries plate materials with the help of our fiber material. We have a lot of environmental engineering, we use the filter function of materials are used fiber materials. And our resources, water resources recycling most efficient use of fibre materials. Fiber is also the public transport system of technical materials, both traditional and new energy car. For example on industrial parts, we want to improve their dynamic characteristics, you need to use this kind of lightweight materials, such as the new buildings, building wall is used, has become the public transport system in a base material. In addition, it is yarn, one is a multicomponent yarns, the second is the new structure of the yarn, and chemical fiber silk yarn. And then is a product, a is the embodiment of the simple sense, a is the embodiment of the function, one is the fashionable element. I think it's very important thing is that form of life. Put a lot of types like sports, for instance, the development of the sports fabrics with plain fabric differentiation is more and more big.

Finally is the product of the development of the new state, wearable is intelligence, intelligent wearable actually involved in wearable energy, one is the solar energy, one is the machinery of human movement, as well as the corresponding chemical fiber. How is this to achieve flexibility. We use big flexible textile for sensing machinery. The third is the integration of technology. There is even more important is the creative design, how to connect with life, development of the corresponding sensor, on the impact of the knee.