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The role of ERP

(1) provide integrated information system, realize the business data and information sharing.

(2) the straighten out and standardize business processes, eliminate rework in the process of business process, realize the standardization and standardization of business processing, provide data integration, business processing system of randomness is banned, the basic work of enterprise management is strengthened, the quality of the work has been further guaranteed.

(3) due to the processing of data by the system automatically, timeliness and accuracy is greatly increased, and analytical means more specifications and diverse, not only reduce the working strength, will also promote the enterprise management from the people trival things Business processing, use more time to study the problems existing in the business process, research and use modern management methods to improve management, to promote modern management methods are widely used in the enterprise.

(4) strengthen the internal control, can have a clear division of responsibilities in terms of job control, timing control, for each link can be reflected at any time, the problem existing in the system can provide performance evaluation of data you need.

(5) automatically by the system the application of the coordination of various departments, make enterprise resources for unified planning and utilization, reduce inventory, accelerate the capital turnover speed got behind each department will be a good team spirit as a whole, coordinate operations.

(6) to help decision-making, the company's policy makers can Ming timely data and the dynamic management of the enterprise ERP system simulation function to assist with the correct decision.